Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faith and Failure

Last night, as I was leaving to go to a meeting after dinner but before the children's bedtime, Caroline runs to her backpack and says, "I have to finish all of these worksheets by tomorrow!" Now, she was holding a 60 page chapter book and about 12 pages of questions. "WHAT?!"- I screamed in my head - "Really?" I said outloud, "well, you've got 20 minutes until bedtime, I guess I know what you'll be doing. I'll set the timer." She got to work fast after some grumbling and me looking at her with that, "you got yourself into this" look. Than I left for meeting. She stayed up about 20 minutes past bedtime and than woke up on her own about 45 minutes earlier and worked away. Now it was time for school. She still had 2 chapters and 3 pages of questions to go. "But I'll get a number!" (this is a disciplinary mark) "Yes, you probably will- but I doubt you will let this happen again, huh?"
Oh it was so hard to let her fail. It is minor, I fully realize, but it would have been easy to let her stay up later, and to help her with the questions. But how would that have really helped her? Anyhow, I read the following post on Faith and Family and was reminded how quick we want to label ourselves by our accomplishments. That is not how our Heavenly Father sees us. To him, no matter what, we are His Beloved. And that makes a world of difference.

Faith & Family : Features : Fail Forward

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29

So this month I got to get away for the First Patino Girl's Get-Away Weekend. The occasion was Gina's 40th and we left wondering what took us so long to do something like this?

And we set the next date before we parted ways. It was relaxing and invigorating. I learned to digital scrapbook (for the mom-on-the-move..."you mean can scrapbook on my laptop while I sit in the car waiting for Caroline in Step dance class??").

I also got a jump on Tommy's baby book... yay! The kiddos enjoyed their Daddy weekend, too. (All I know is that all the icecream was gone when I returned)

Upon my return, Sophia got very ill. She vomitted for 8 hours- unable to keep anything down. We had to take her to the ER after seeing her ped. She was shutting down from dehydration. Turned out to be strep.

After pumping her up with IV fluids and antibiotics and antinausea meds, and watching "The Little Mermaid" a few times, she was good to go- praise GOD.

Caroline got sick after that and than Lydia, too. Now it seems like we are reaching the end of sicklesville and so we made some rice crispy treats after picking up the kids to celebrate.

(well, don't you go through carpool in your wedding gown?)

It's amazing how quickly ALL the kiddos show up in the kitchen when I start opening up some marshmellows. It is so hard to sneak eat around here!! :)

Lydia loves the marshmellows that Tommy added to the top.

Tommy gave the Treats two thumbs up.

Than, today, Caroline came home from school with fresh lettuce from the Stonewall Gardens. (note Tommy's t-shirt) We were so excited that we made a big salad to go with the Red Curry Lentil Soup I made for dinner. Yum!! Until Gino discovered our little dinner guest at the end of his fork. It is not the greatest picture, but there is a little caterpillar at the edge of the tine saying, "don't eat me!". While a bit stomach turning, it was also gratifying to be reminded that no chemicals had been used in the growing of these leaves.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

January 5

If you go to google and type in "daily readings of the catholic church" you are going to get this great link that gives you the readings, and than leads you to a daily meditation that is a video.
The readings plus the reflection really spoke to my heart this morning. It's a funny time- I feel disconnect with my husband over several things, but we're working on it- because we DESIRE to be connected... and several times over the last TWO days, I have been touched by God. Through a dream, God spoke to me, very plainly it was HIM- after tossing and turning through many bad dreams and ugly thoughts about my relationship with Gino, I heard a voice say, "You are dwelling on separating with Gino- STOP. You need to dwell on reuniting with Gino." This stirred me immediatly out of my sleep and I woke up with these words echoing in my heart. God? Are you listening to my pain right now? YES. Not only listening, but reaching out to be with you in your pain and pull you through this pain. God desires me. He desires you. It's so simple and so unbelievable and yet it is the truth of the WORD. As it is written: from 1 John 4: 9-10
9 In this way the love of God was revealed to us: God sent his only Son into the world so that we might have life through him.
In this is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as expiation for our sins.

GOD LOVED US and sent his SON as atonement for all our sins, so that we might be reunited, and connected with HIM.

Than Gino and I made it to a Beyond Cana meeting, where we were talking about this book, which I own, but have not read yet. Because I'm busy reading Heat Wave. Oh the shame of it all. Anyhow, we talked about the seasons of marriage. The Good Friday-dying-to-ourselves season, and the Holy Saturday-waiting-for-God season and lastly, the Easter Sunday-joyful-and-physically-spiritually-emotionally-united season. Our discussion took us from how to reach other couples who are stressed in their relationship, to how it is perfectly normal to feel each season wholly and cyclically, just like in the church. I walked away refreshed and recommitted to the knowledge that my husband and I are 100% committed to the covenant that we have with each other. This is one of those seasons where we just need to get through by talking more, listening even more and praying above all even more.

Friday, May 08, 2009

7 Quick Takes

It's Friday and you know what that means...


DH started his new job this week and we feel very blessed that his new job allows for him to join us for dinner each night- something unheard of with his old job.


My Dad was flying through the area and had a two hour layover...just enough time to run to Burger King and grab some fries and a drink together.


Re-meeting my highschool girl friend after 16 years!! ~very strange~ but very fun,too!

I am trying to organize all my printed out recipes and so my dining room table is covered right now... it's always darkest before dawn, right?

One of the mom's at my dd's school is having her 3rd baby and so some other mom friends are throwing her a baby shower. I love that they are doing this for her, and I look forward to celebrating this little life. One mom was very put-out over the whole thing and complained to me about it. I wish I could think of a tactful way to tell her that this is a little PERSON we are celebrating- it doesn't matter if she were the first born or the eighth born! ... any ideas?

Went out this evening to meet with our small church community- three other couples who are the same age, with small kids and have a strong faith life, similar values, etc. We are watching the "Love and Respect" videos. Very informative, if not extremely repetitive. The very strong message of loving your wife/respecting your husband will eventually sink into our thick skulls.

Went to a Mother's Brunch at my 6yo daughter's school this morning. They served us oj and muffins. Than they serenaded us with such sweet cheesy mama songs that there was not a dry eye in the classroom. They also signed all their songs! I sat there watching my oldest baby, wondering who this girl was... she seemed so able and had such beautiful confidence. I am excited to get to know this little young lady as she blossoms to her fullest potential. This part of parenting is kinda fun, ya know?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

small successes Thursday


I am posting this on the right day!
Today, I was able to go to my weight lifting class. Yep, I'm pumping iron.
My home is clean! (thank you, honey!!)
Making it to the grocery store and planning for the week is always a big accomplishment around here... and today it happened.

"The Two Mommies"

Monday, May 04, 2009

7 Quick Takes

The Monday edition...
1. I did pilates this morning!
2. I must fold lanundry today!!
3. Lydia was up most of the night with a dreadful cough
4. We investigated bigger homes this weekend.
5. I dread putting my home on the market.
6. Gino starts his new job today!
7. my goddaughter received her first holy communion saturday- what a joy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Here are my Seven Quick Takes for Friday, (and the week for that matter!)

1. My son turned 5 this week

and we have been properly celebrating with STOMP ROCKETS.

2. This is a BIG one. After being out of work for a year. Twelve months. My husband has received not one, but two job offers this week. Praise GOD. Please keep us in your prayers, for wisdom to discern the right one for our family.

3. I exercised twice this week! I scheduled three times but my daughter had field day at school and really wanted me to show up for some of it.

4. my house is a mess and I'm okay with it~ not really... but i'm ignoring it for now seeing as i only get three maybe four hours of sleep at a time.

5. (I am going back and forth between typing one handed and not...) I am going through my daughters' clothes and storing them or giving them away... this is a long and cumbersome process... thank GOD for hand-me-downs. We just have such little storage that it is difficult to store all.

6. After I pick up my daughter from school, I am going to hang out with some dear friends for our "beer-thirty" play date. They have a great big fenced in back yard, lots of kids and space and some Mommy drinks, too. Bliss. PLUS...tonight, my husband and I get to go on a date while my kiddos go to Parents Night Out

7. Please keep my mother-in-law in your prayers as she is in and out of the hospital these days.

Well, I've got a great Friday still ahead of me!! Okay, I better try and make a dent in all of these girlie clothes while my two year old is sleeping or you can fuhgedaboutit!