Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29

So this month I got to get away for the First Patino Girl's Get-Away Weekend. The occasion was Gina's 40th and we left wondering what took us so long to do something like this?

And we set the next date before we parted ways. It was relaxing and invigorating. I learned to digital scrapbook (for the mom-on-the-move..."you mean can scrapbook on my laptop while I sit in the car waiting for Caroline in Step dance class??").

I also got a jump on Tommy's baby book... yay! The kiddos enjoyed their Daddy weekend, too. (All I know is that all the icecream was gone when I returned)

Upon my return, Sophia got very ill. She vomitted for 8 hours- unable to keep anything down. We had to take her to the ER after seeing her ped. She was shutting down from dehydration. Turned out to be strep.

After pumping her up with IV fluids and antibiotics and antinausea meds, and watching "The Little Mermaid" a few times, she was good to go- praise GOD.

Caroline got sick after that and than Lydia, too. Now it seems like we are reaching the end of sicklesville and so we made some rice crispy treats after picking up the kids to celebrate.

(well, don't you go through carpool in your wedding gown?)

It's amazing how quickly ALL the kiddos show up in the kitchen when I start opening up some marshmellows. It is so hard to sneak eat around here!! :)

Lydia loves the marshmellows that Tommy added to the top.

Tommy gave the Treats two thumbs up.

Than, today, Caroline came home from school with fresh lettuce from the Stonewall Gardens. (note Tommy's t-shirt) We were so excited that we made a big salad to go with the Red Curry Lentil Soup I made for dinner. Yum!! Until Gino discovered our little dinner guest at the end of his fork. It is not the greatest picture, but there is a little caterpillar at the edge of the tine saying, "don't eat me!". While a bit stomach turning, it was also gratifying to be reminded that no chemicals had been used in the growing of these leaves.


lauren said...

Wow! You've been busy!

Can I be an adopted Patino??? Looks like you girls had FUN!

Your children are just so beautiful and happy - even in the hospital! I hope you all stick to feeling better... you deserve it!

And that photo of you in the kitchen is timeless. I love it! You look amazing!

rita said...

Thanks Lauren! You can be a Patino girl, we'll adopt you. ;)
And the pic in the kitchen- Caroline took that! She did a great job.