Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, JP

JP, you are the best baby brother a girl could ask for. I remember rocking you in the swings, singing to you when you were as small as Puddin is in this picture. I remember teaching you to dance with me when I came home from college, so I wouldn't forget the steps, and so you would know how to impress the girls. I remember dragging you off to whatever Youth Group event was going on, as a new Youth Minister, because than at least one person would be there. :)
I am so very proud of you - finishing up your last year at USaFA. How very exciting to know your next location, the next chapter, what great challenges lay ahead, and how sweet the journey has been. You have taught me about setting goals, and keeping them in sight so that you can than attain those very goals. Love you!!!! rita

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