Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I got this from Summa Mama's Homekeeping Meme

Aprons- Y/N- depends on what I'm making... and if the kiddos are helping. When they help, everyone gets an apron. If it's a red sauce definitely. My favorite apron? My Pampered Bride apron that is signed by family and friends.

Baking-- yes, cookies or brownies. favorite? chocolate chip cookies!

Clothesline- Y/N-- Nope.

Donuts-- I have never made a donut in my life. I really try and just avoid them. (love/hate relationship)

One homemaking thing you do every day-- hmmm... cook? almost everyday.

Freezer-- Do you have a separate deep freeze? no, I would love a separate freezer... but we get by without one!

Garbage Disposal-- Y/N? Yes and I am thankful!

Handbook-- What is your favorite homemaking resource? my mom or my sisters - the internet is a fair back-up

Ironing--Love it or hate it? HATE IT, and I am terrible at it. Gino has those great Non-Iron shirts from BrooksBrothers.

Junk drawer--Y/N? Where is it? In my kitchen and the bathroom

Kitchen: Design and decorating? It's a 50's style kitchen with wood cabinets and yellow laminate countertops. All the appliances (including washer and dryer) are white. It's pretty big for the era it was built. We hope to move the w/d out next month!

Love: What is your favorite part of homemaking? Preparing a meal and eating together as a family.

Mop Y/N -- oh yes - wood floors everywhere... get mopped once a week

Nylons-- uh... no

Oven-- Do you use the window or open the door to check? both

Pizza-- What do you put on yours? I'm a supreme gal.

Quiet-- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? read, get on the computer or call my sisters.

Recipe Card Box Y/N? yes

Style of house-- fifties style, hardwoods throughout, very simple- my favorite home

Tablecloths and napkins? Usually placemats. Most nights paper napkins, but sometimes cloth. - ditto

Under the kitchen sink-- organized or toxic wasteland? Organized. Some cleaning supplies and garbage bags is all...

Vacuum-- how many times per week? I have hardwood floors--no vacuuming. I swiffer all the time!

Wash-- How many loads of laundry do you do in a week? hmm... maybe 10?

X's-- Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?-- sometimes, if I have lots to do before my parents come visit, or we're having guests over.

Yard-- Who does what? The whole family. I love gardening, the kiddos love helping (?) and Gino is in charge of the grass!

Zzz's--I check doors, get a glass of water, check and kiss the kiddos and Gino, wash my face and teeth, than read.

Anyone else can play that wants!

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