Monday, March 26, 2007

forever, for always and no matter what

It's just been one of those days where I wonder what have I gotten myself into, as a Mom. The children have been fighting or getting into mischief from the very start of the day. The highlight came when I took them to the library and they were running around screaming and tackling each other while I stood in line to check-out with the baby in my sling. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to disappear. I wanted to run out the door. I wanted to ... but I didn't. We somehow made it home. I fed them. I sent them to bed. Than I remembered how stinky (and consequently, uncomfortable) they were. So, I bathed them. Than I put them back to bed. And when I tucked each of them in, I thanked God for sending me these sanctifying little souls. And I sang to them.

I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be.

They (4 and almost 3 years old) just melt with this song. They love it. It is of course, from the book, "I'll love you forever" that I can't read without crying. Tonight, I was so grateful for it, because it reminded me of all the other mom's out there, who have had rough days, and all the mom's out there who will always have it harder, and all the women out there, who would love to have a rough day like me.


Stevie said...

As usual, you say just the thing I need to hear!!! Thanks!!

terilynn said...

You are such a wonderful mommy!!!

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Now that is truly redeeming a day! I tell you, you have the right stuff! The feeling to scream, run away, etc. will keep happening. But your ability, with God's grace, to redeem the moment with love, now that is a treasure!!

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Yup! Been there, done that, got the T shirt! i id have 6 under 6 & loved it!

Can i put your blog on my links?& maybe you would do the same?

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God bless

NoMasNinos said...

I was in the store once and they had a really cute magnet there that read along the lines of "Who are these kids and where is their mother?" Some days I wish I were single again, when things were much simpler, but then I quickly take it back, because I don't know if I could go on without my children.

It's soooooo tough being a parent, but I feel truly lucky that I was given the opportunity to be the mother of two beautiful kids. I say the same thing, "I hope to do better tomorrow." Getting plenty of sleep and having some alone time really helps with the grouchiness, but I know both things are hard to get with kids around all the time.