Thursday, February 07, 2008

spikey on spiders

So Spikey and I were playing with his farm animals near the bookshelf when along came a spider and sat down beside her (Fefe). Naturally, I stomped on the eight legged monster that was threatening to my children.

Spikey looks at me with great big eyes (and in my mind I'm thinking he's going to be filled with admiration for his Mama who has no fear for such nasty hairy arachnids that threaten the very existence of her children) and says, "MOM! Doncha know that little spider eats all the mosquitos so I don't get bitten!!!???" And than he looked down in horror at the squashed messy remains of a little spider.

I truly felt bad.
So much for chivalry.

I promised a viewing of Charlotte's Web later on today. Truly, the best spider to live, ever.


Just ME said...

This sound much like when grandpa killed the spider the boys were trying to feed at the ranch.
Poor Baby I can just see him saying that too!

veronica said...

that is so true, I forgot about that terrible incident. now I feel even worse. thank you. no, really, thanks. ;)