Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, the Beyond Cana retreat was a very fulfilling weekend, with 8 amazing couples. The team did a fantastic job, and I just think we had a positive experience on a whole during this go-round.

My Spikey and Fefe had surgery yesterday and that went well. Fefe had tubes though you would never know, she is acting like nothing happened. Spikey had his second set of tubes, plus adenoids out. He is a bit cranky these past two days, thankfully everyone is actually napping right now!

My valentines gift was a new computer which we finally unpacked and put together last night. YEAH!!! It is beautiful and slick and fast!! I feel so very modern now. ooh lala!

My Mom came up on Sunday and left today. She helped with the kids during the surgeries- basically took Kiddo off our hands for the whole day. They went shopping and to the movies and had such a good time that Kiddo threw a fit this morning she was so upset to see her Noni leave.

All is settling back into somewhat normal mode around these parts, except Hubbie will continue to work insanely long hours for the next two months, as the end of the fiscal year runs through the end of March. So... I may have to get online to rant and rave every once in a while. Just remind me that this will past.

With that in mind, I am going to go to my room and REST. Did you hear me?? I said, "rest!" I know, I know, it's an anomaly but I'm gonna try my darndest so as to keep my head on straight this afternoon when I am missing my Hubbie as the kiddos test me, try me and push me.

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