Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I posted earlier about having the children's pictures done... here is a sneak peak. I get to see the rest tomorrow and I can't wait!


laurengulde said...

Oh - they are just beautiful! Every time I see a photo of your brood I can only imagine the energy and joy they give to your home. They are all so different and wonderful! Give them all a kiss for me today!


Stevie said...

Those are amazing pictures but the children are just unbelievably beautiful!!

veronica said...

thanks, guys!
I am THRILLED with all the pictures. This is the first time we've had them done "non traditional" and my husband actually LOVED them. That is saying a lot because he prefers more portrait style than "informal"...which, needless to say, is difficult with kiddos...especially three! We highly recommend our photographer!

Laura H. said...

those are great photos!

and i know you already have this awesome photographer but if ever you want some of those done again i would also recommend mrs kate:


never hurts to shop around! :)

~m2~ said...

they are gorgeous!! and i am so glad you are *back*!